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Available on the following days:
-. From 15 November 2019 until 31 March 2020: every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday (except 26 December). On these dates, the tour includes the visit to Nafplion.
-. From 1 April until 31 October 2020:
every Tuesday and Thursday, including the visit to Nafplion
every Monday and Saturday, NOT visiting Nafplion

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Our Special Price for the full-day tour to Delphi is 84 Euro per adult (official price 100 Euro - you save 16 Euro per adult) and 50 Euro per child (under 12 years-old), not including lunch.
Infants under 4 years-old (who are not occupying a seat in the coach) are carried Free of Charge, but they are not entitled to any meals or facilities.

* You can add LUNCH for only 9 Euro per person! (the official difference is €14 - you save an additional €5)

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